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The Literatops project was created by the IASHE to implement all publishing programs of the Academy and provide customers with high quality and exclusive international publishing and printing services.

All types of the Academy literature are published within the framework of the Literatops project. The following exclusive services are also provided:

Creation (establishment) and publication of joint partner journals (British ISSN) and monographs (British ISBN);

Formation and implementation of literary projects aimed at the creation of exclusive (original) works (various types of works in different genres and for different audiences) based on the ideas of individual initiators (customers) of such projects;

Design, layout, proofreading, scientific and literary editing, reviewing, illustrating, prepress (pre-printing) and creation of the final original-layouts for physical printing of works in any publishing company or printing house of the world;

Organization of printing of a literary work in any printing house of the world; shipping to the customer and distribution (optimal logistics) of the finished printed products.

We will publish (prepare the editions in accordance with the law) any of your literary works in the UK and organize the printing of such creative works (books, journals, articles) in any country in the world.

We will publish your materials in our scientific journals and help establish your own periodicals in the UK.

We will also help you realize the most daring and resonant dreams and initiatives in the field of creative writing in various genres.

In the framework of our literary projects professional authors will help you implement your original ideas and create fiction, scientific, popular science, journalistic and other literary works of high quality.

Please feel free to contact us and tell us about your ideas and desires in the field of literature. We will find the best and most effective way to implement your initiatives!